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Services to help your Dog

Below you will find the best options to help your dog through their behaviour, training & learning.

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Can you relate to the following? 

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by your dogs behaviour outbursts?

  • Do you feel lost in where to start to sort your dogs behaviour?

  • Do you have no idea why you dog behaves how it does and need help?

  • Concerned & worried about your dogs anxieties/ fears and just want them to feel better?

  • Feeling frustrated dealing with a variety of your dogs  issues/ intense behaviour?

  • Feeling like your drowning in conflicting advice?

  • Have you lost confidence, joy or are you feeling generally stressed within the relationship with your dog?

  • Have you tried other trainers/ training help but feel nothing has worked?

  • Feel classes are not appropriate for your dog?

  • Feel that you do not have a professional behaviourist close enough to you?

  • Want to work privately on a 121 basis? in your own home?

Help is just a click away! Click the button to get started & for more information!

Private Behaviour Consultations

Three Bad Dogs in the middle of mess sit
A tiny Boston terrier puppy chews a hole

Private General Skill Training 

Image by Jordon Conner
German Shepherd training (Sit command).j

Can you relate to the following? 

  • Do you need help with your dog general obedience training?

  • Do you want to focus on specific key core skills?

  • Do you want to improve or get more reliability from your dogs obedience?

  • Need to brush up on skills such as walking on lead, recall, self control or focus?

  • Feel classes are not appropriate for you or your dog?

  • Find it difficult to attend classes due to personal reasons & commitments?

  • Want  private coaching on a 121 basis?

Help is just a click away! Click the button to get started & for more information!

Group Classes


Gemma holds a variety of group based classes for all dogs!  in person group based, practical

classes are around Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.


Alternatively they are a variety of online class courses, if you find it difficult to attend class in

person for whatever personal reasons or circumstance.


The Classes currently available are:

  • Puppy Behaviour Skills Class  (from vaccinations to 8months) Available in person & online.

  • Improving Reliability Skills - Introducing working with distractions (8months to any age) Available in person & online.

  • Scent Games Enrichment Fun Class (Any age) Available in person only.

  • Relax Don't React Class - For dogs that show reactivity on lead on walks (Any age) Available in person.


Father and daughter at computer

Online Consults & Courses

Find you live out of Gemmas catchment area or in another country, or for personal circumstance cannot have visitors to your home, then do not worry! Gemma can hold consultations via online platforms to help, support & guide you  virtually.

Gemma also has a variety of online resources that you can purchase and learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

You do not get less via online learning you get all (often more) of the exact information that is given in an in person session. You will have access to extra resources to refer to and be supported, nothing will be forgotten. The methods are extremely straight forward and easy to follow and are proving just as successful online as in person!

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