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Dog on Pink

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Dog on Blue

Sniffing Ideas

A sister poster to my health & wellbeing benefits of sniffing for dogs. Contains ideas on how to engage your dog in more sniffing activities within their day!

Image by Alvan Nee


Top Tips on ways to socialise your puppy!

Image by Susan Yin

Dog Treat Recipes

Homemade dog treat recipes and Kong fillings!

Image by Will Malott

Power of Sniffing

The benefits of sniffing on both health, mental enrichment, behaviour improvement & physical activity.

Image by Mathew Coulton

Bordem Busters

Ways to keep your dogs mind entertained to prevent problematic behaviours!

Fireworks Shows

Dogs & fireworks

7 Top Tips on how to help make this night more comfortable for your dog.

dog running with toy


Top Tips, Advice & Troubleshooting tips on finding how to motivate our dogs & what is your dogs favourite reward!

RUSSIA, MOSCOW - March 12, 2017: Puppy F

Puppy Biting

Ways to manage those busy mouths & keep them off your skin!

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