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Private General
Skill Training

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Cute Puppy

Do you need more guidance & coaching with training your dog?

Do you need help fine-tuning those lead skills/ recalls, working on self-control and focus or general manners/ obedience?

Perhaps you just need some private help with settling in your new puppy/ rescue? 

Perhaps you may be a first-time dog owners and need support starting off training with them?



Gemma can privately coach you with sound advice, patience & without judgment/pressure.

Gemma has an empathetic and supportive approach to help you get the best out of your experiance training your dog.


Gemma uses kind & ethical methods so that both you & your dog have a positive learning/ bonding experiance to support longevity of your success & progress.  You will not only have an easy to learn training plan demoed but you will be coached on how to fine tune your own handling skills & management whilst training your dog.


This service is suitable if your dog doesn't have a behavioural problem but you just need help starting general training, fine tuning, or advancing your dog's training with professional supervision & guidance. 


It is also a suitable service if for whatever personal reason or difficulty you are unable to attend classes, we can work from your home and local areas in real life with the training.

Dog at the Beach

What is included in a session


Your first booking is a private 1:1, 1.5-2hr assessment session. This session allows you to tell Gemma everything that you would like to work on and everything you are struggling with so that a foundation strategy & training plan can be built & demoed for you the same day.

The assessment also allows for Gemma to see if the training issues are just general training/ obedience related or if your dog requires more intensive behavioural support.  If they happen to need behavioural support Gemma will discuss this with you and you will be moved onto a behavioural package and issued a Vet referral form.


Within 72hrs of your assesment session you will have an emailed action plan with online tutorials & resources to help you outside of sessions.  

You will recieve mini plan summaries after each additional follow up session you recieve if needed.

You will get extra bonus information sent to you that will also help you to understand your dog better to support your progress.


Using up to date, ethical, kind and scientifically prooven methods, you will have peace of mind and confidence to apply them in the real world or at home.

You will feel supported and coached on handling and Gemma will customs to tailors each session specifically to align with the goals you are wishing to reach with your dog

* Fuel charges will be added per in person visit if outside the Grimsby/ Cleethorpes area


The chance to train in the real life environments and situations that you wish your dog to learn in.

Gemma will take the sessions at yours & your dogs own pace without aversive pressure. Depending on what you wish to work on sessions can be held at your home or local surrounding environments out and about in the real world!


On going support. After your assessment session you will then have access to email support for 2 weeks or until your next booked session. You will have the oppertunity to also book on a pay monthly as you go custom programme.

This includes x2 1hr sessions per month (this equates to a session every fortnight if on going). This allows time amongst busy scedules & general life to apply what Gemma has demoed in session and work on, to then advance, tweak or fine tune at your next booked session or even work on something new. The pay monthly programme will be in place until you feel comfortable with the goals and outcomes from the training sessions to go at it alone.  Do not worry you can always re-book further monthly sessions at a later date if you need help further in the future if needed these are custom and flexible sessions.

Private Training Investment

First Assessment Session 1.5-2hrs -                   £100

*Options to pay in full upon invoice or over 6wks with payment plan

Upon completion of the assessment session you will automatically

go on to one of the flexible

                             Pay Monthly as you go ongoing schedules-                                   £88pm (most popular)

  (Includes x2 1hr sessions per month = sessions every 2-3wks)


(Includes x3 1hr sessions per month= to be taken every 1-2wks)

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