Group Classes


Puppy Class

Class to work on crucial golden foundation behaviours & training. This class covers everything to give your puppy the best start! For puppies aged from vaccinations to 7months. A 7wk course. For dogs that are friendly with other dogs & people. Booking is essential as limited places. Want to work privately? Then check out the private puppy starter here.


You & your puppy will cover:

  • Reasons why your puppy behaves how it does.

  • The best ways your puppy learns & remembers information.

  • How to relax & settle in different settings.

  • Impeccable focus & Connection.

  • Impulse & self control.

  • Appropriate socialisation.

  • Reliable recall

  • Fantastic lead skills

  • Obedience & handling skills.

  • The ability to learn in class & public areas, with Train & Walk.

  • You will have access to a private progress group online, with video tutorials of exercises & extras.

  • Graduation with certificate, rosette & treats.

  • & much more

Booking with a low deposit required.

Click here for private puppy sessions 121 with Gemma.



A class to help you build better reliability with your dogs behaviours in a variety of settings & distractions.  For dogs ages 8months to any age (great for adolescent dogs). 8wks long course. For dogs friendly with other dogs & people only. Booking is essential as limited places. 

  • Revisit & refresh the basics & advance them.

  • How to handle & train around distractions appropriately.

  • Improve your bond & understanding with your dog.

  • Be able to take your dog to more places with confidence.

  • A safe place to fine-tune & practise key self & impulse control around distractions.

  • Complete exercises you never though possible with your dog.

  • Unlock your dogs potential.

  • Graduation with certificate, rosette & treats.

  • A chance to work in class & public areas.

  • & much more

Booking with a low deposit required.

Click here for private key skill sessions.


Specialised Reactivity Rehabilitation Program

A class for dogs who have specific reactivity towards others dogs or feel uncomfortable around other dogs, when out on walks.  A private assessment is required prior to booking.  

  • Run by 2 of the best & most experienced & professional dog behaviourists in the area.

  • You will help to change your dogs emotional response to other dogs.

  • You will learn management & handling techniques to prevent the unwanted behaviour & walk your dog more confidently.

  • You will learn fun replacement behaviours for your walks.

  • You will increase in confidence by practicing around other dogs.

  • Get professional advice of better equipment to manage your dog.

  • 8wk course X4 rehab classes fortnightly. X4 Online Material.

  • Limited numbers only

  • 45min sessions

  • Access to the exclusive Relax Don't React Rehabilitation Club upon completion.

  • Certificate upon completion.

  • x2 Qualified behaviourists supervising.

Booking with a low deposit. Assessment via video required & Vet referral form completion for entry.