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Group Classes


Puppy Class

Class to work on crucial golden foundation behaviours & training. This class covers everything to give your puppy the best start! For puppies aged from vaccinations to 7months. A 7wk course. For dogs that are friendly with other dogs & people. Classes run on Monday evenings at 6.30pm at Greatcoates Village Hall. Booking is essential as limited places. Want to work privately? Then check out the private puppy starter here.


You & your puppy will cover:

  • Reasons why your puppy behaves how it does.

  • The best ways your puppy learns & remembers information.

  • How to relax & settle in different settings.

  • Impeccable focus & Connection.

  • Impulse & self control.

  • Appropriate socialisation.

  • Reliable recall

  • Fantastic lead skills

  • Obedience & handling skills.

  • The ability to learn in class & public areas, with Train & Walk (season depending).

  • You will have access to a private progress group online, with video tutorials of exercises & extras.

  • Graduation with certificate, rosette & treats.

  • & much more

Classes held in Grimsby Greatcoates Village Hall.

Click here for private puppy sessions 121 with Gemma.




A class to help you build better reliability with your dogs behaviours in a variety of settings & distractions.  For dogs ages 8months to any age (great for adolescent dogs). 9wks long course. For dogs friendly and non reactive/nervous with unknown dogs & people only.  Classes run on Monday evenings 7.35pm Greatcoates Village Hall. Booking is essential as very limited places. 

  • Revisit & refresh the basics & advance them.

  • How to handle & train around distractions appropriately.

  • Improve your bond & understanding with your dog.

  • Be able to take your dog to more places with confidence.

  • A safe place to fine-tune & practise key self & impulse control around distractions.

  • Complete exercises you never though possible with your dog.

  • Unlock your dogs potential.

  • Graduation with certificate, rosette & treats.

  • A chance to work in class & public areas (season depending).

  • & much more

Click here for private key skill sessions.


Aggressive black dachshund bared its tee

Specialised Reactivity Rehabilitation Program

A class for dogs who have specific reactivity towards others dogs or feel uncomfortable around other dogs, when out on walks.  A private assessment is included in the course..  

  • Run by 2 of the best & most experienced & professional dog behaviourists in the area. Gemma Stephen CAB ATI (Natures Companions)& Natalie Smith Msc (Quality Canines).

  • You will help to change your dogs emotional response to other dogs.

  • You will learn management & handling techniques to prevent the unwanted behaviour & walk your dog more confidently.

  • You will learn fun replacement behaviours for your walks.

  • You will increase in confidence by practicing around other dogs.

  • Get professional advice of better equipment to manage your dog.

  • Ability to progrss through different level courses from beginner to advanced.

  • Beginner level includes suitability assessment.

  • Certificate & rosette on completion of level.

  • Limited numbers only

  • 6 wk long courses fortnightly sessions.

  • x2 Qualified behaviourists supervising.

Classes held at Paw& Co enclosed training field, Keelby.

£250 per Level

Class Booking Procedure

Due to classes being extremely popular throughout the year and they are run with a limited number to ensure maximum learning experiances they fill up quickly. To allow booking to be fair I have a waiting list for classes that runs through the year. The best way to get on a class is to fill out the contact form and I can let you know which Month and class the waiting list is filling for. ALL priority spaces are given to those on the waiting list FIRST! Closer to the time an invite is submitted to check your circumstances have not changed and you still want the space.  IF circumstances change and a space is no longer required, the space will go to the next person on the waiting list OR it will be advertised to the public on social media.  I very rarely advertise classes so please do not wait for this and try and get on the list ASAP. I often have people especially for puppy class that will add their puppy on a waiting list BEFORE they have picked them up from the breeder. To avoid disappointment of a space please contact me ASAP as some months in the year are busier than others and depending on the time of year I can be fully booked up for a few months (especially puppy classes). Always enquire for a list space.

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