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Private Behaviour Consultations

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Private dog behaviour consultations are in the privacy of your own home or online via Zoom.  


Private consultations are customised specifically for you & your dogs issues.  

Gemma Commonly Sees the following & more (please always contact to discuss if you are unsure what you need):

  • Behaviour of high energy/severe stress & distress highlighting that your dog is struggling to cope.

  • Anxiety.

  • Stress.

  • Trauma.

  • Fear/ Phobias.

  • Obsessive Behaviours.

  • Excessive hyperactivity / excessive behaviours e.g. barking & destruction.

  • Aggression & reactivity.

  • General annoyance behaviours,

  • Lack of self/ impulse-control in the home/ social environment.

  • & more...

Gemma will educate & coach you into the reasoning behind your dogs behaviour & give you reassurance on why & where the issue has developed from.  She will ask you questions, listen to your experiences & observe your dog.  Gemma will NEVER deliberately put your dog in situations or use flooding techniques where the dog is forced over coping threshold.  Gemmas advice is safe & for the best intentions of your dogs learning & welfare!


Gemma will educate & support you with a custom made behaviour modification plan that is designed specifically for you & your dogs situation.  The plan will help you to help your dog learn calmer, less stressed ways of coping & problem solving.  You will learn how to TEACH your dog with positive reinforcement, clear communication &  reward based techniques on how to deal with situations appropriately & calmly without tipping over their stress threshold.  Your dog will  learn from the experience positively every time!

There are a variety of starter package options available for Gemma’s time & support to help you, depending on the severity of your concern & your personal confidence.  Whatever you need to get you through it Gemma is there to provide you with support & guidance to help you through the process.  You can usually claim back my fees through your pet insurance policy due to me being a full member of the Associations of Pet Behaviours.

*Reducing & replacing behaviour issues is a process & commitment. There are NO ‘immediate fixes’ despite what is perceived in certain TV programmes or out dated literature.  It is an emotional adjustment & stress reduction development, along with removing learnt habits & creating pathways in the brain for new appropriate habits (a habit in theory approximately can take 30-60days to develop).  It  is a process that cannot be rushed as this can exacerbate the issue rather than resolve it. You are also teaching your dog a new skill of coping, which takes time to convert to depending on the dogs nature & experiences. All cases are individual, one size does not fit all.


Online Remote Virtual 
Behaviour Consultations.

*Support during Covid during lockdowns/ no mixing regulations  &if you're vulnerable/ isolating and if you do not live locally.

All of the below services are also available as virtual remote sessions by zoom/whereby. You go through the exact same information as in person and they carry the same success rate as in person sessions. You do not need to miss out on your dogs training if you are isolating or vulnerable or do not live local to me. I successfully help clients nationally via virtual consultations every month.  

Please just request it at booking to get your link.. The prices & packages are the same as below.

Starter Assessment

ALL behaviour packages & cases start with an initial assessment consultation. This is a strategy planning session to identify the correct therapy & support your dog needs & a chance for you to go over what is happening & for me to explain the why's & plan your custom plan of action.  

What you will need before booking:

A veterinary referral form will be required to be signed by you & your vet prior to our session. You will need to take this to your vet to be signed and then return to me via email.

Here is the form for you: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Included in all packages:

  •  Starter assessment 

  • Liaison with Vet if required

  • History taking & investigation

  •  Demos, coaching & training plan

  • Full Behaviour Modification Plan  with supporting notes/ diagrams & tutorial videos.

INSURANCE: Optional: Please check with your pet insurers first to see if behaviour is included. You could claim back your fees (Claiming will not affect your quote or increase it).

Financial struggles you can use a payment plan of playing over 6wks that is available!


FUEL CHARGES: A fuel charge will be applied for travel outside the local area and invoiced per visit.


*Follow up sessions are essential to ensure that progress advances and maintains, whilst being able to aid any lapses , struggles, troubleshooting or new behaviours that may occur.  If follow ups are not enforced beyond this package this will affect the success of your dogs overall progress. There are no quick fixes. This means no matter the package you can upgrade your package with ADD ONS at any time or add quick catch up if needed as you go along.


Below are the available packages to get you started for complex behaviour cases that require longer monitoring will need to be a minimum of a silver package.

Pay it Easy Smiley.png


  • X1 2hr in person starter assessment.

  • Online Tutorial/ resources 

  • X1 45min Review in person follow up session.


*Please check your insurers for payment reimbursement

Interest free Payment plan available with laybuy

You can upgrade with ADD ONS where nee ded.. P lease remember your first session will always be a starter assessment. please be prepared for more sessions to be added.

*Most Popular*

  • x1 2hr initial session & x3 1hr in person rehabilitation sessions (approx every 2 wks)

  • Online tutorials/resources

  • x1 20min Virtual review catch up (after the 3 rehab sessions are completed).


*Please check insurers for payment reimbursement..

Interest free Payment plan available with laybuy

You can upgrade with ADD ONS where nee ded.. please remember your first session will always be a starter assessment, please be prepared for more sessions to be added.


  • x1 2hr initial session & x5 1hr in person rehabilitation sessions to be taken every 2-3wks.

  • Online tutorials/ resources.

  • x2 20min Virtual review catch ups (mid course and upon completion)


*Please check insurers for payment reimbursement.

Interest free Payment plan available with laybuy

You can upgrade with ADD ONS where needed..



      minimum number of sessions

      x2 1hr Behavioural Sessions (UPON COMPLETING PACKAGE ONLY).....£150

      x3 1hr Behavioural sessions (UPON COMPLETING PACKAGE ONLY)............£198

  • Behaviour chat for guidance/ advice/ quick telephone catch up 20/30mins..........................£40


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