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Image by James Lacy

Food Motivation

Image by Tatiana Rodriguez

JR Pet Products

JR Pet Products are one of the best for food motivator rewards. I use this in my training with my own dogs, the food is 100% natural and human-grade. The texture of the pate is firm and cuts up perfectly into little cubes for training on the go! Better still it can contribute perfectly towards their daily food ration without it being unhealthy!  Links below are for JR Pet Products main site or you can order locally for North East Lincolnshire residents and private message them anything you want of JR products and they will source it.  To keep helping local businesses!


 Fish Treats!

If like my dogs yours LOVE all things fishy, then look no further than Skippers! Locally made where I am from in Grimsby with locally sourced fish merchants. These food rewards are 100% natural and amazing quality! Easy to handle treats, great selections for puppies & adult dogs, they even do high-quality dog food. The chews are definitely on the top of my dogs' favourites list! Again helping support local businesses!


Natural Chewy Rewards!

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