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Training Aids


Treat Pouches

Treat Pouch: 

A great quality & fantastic sized bag to fit everything in treats, small toys, clicker, poo bags & phone!

Easy access to get hands in smoothly without spillage. Double-check they come with a belt!

Silicone Treat Pouch:

Great quality for those messier food rewards such as cheese, chicken, meats & raw food. Easy to clean & store in the fridge.

Magnetic closure so no fiddly zips or toggles & easy quick access!

Markers & Cues

Automatic Treat Dispenser:

Great for catching those wanted behaviours at a distance without having to get up and walk over, fantastic for station training & catching those settled/ calm behaviours without having to get up and disturb your dog.  It is also fantatsic if you have mobility or disability needs.



Toilet Training Aid


To help you with those toilet cues. It is rarer for a dog to vocalise when it needs the toilet and often cues can be quiet. Once your dog learns the door it goes to for the toilet, your dog may accidentally brush against these whilst approaching the door so you know they need the toilet. Eventually, the dog learns the bells making a sound allow for them to go out. They do not work for all dogs but they are worth a try if you find you keep missing the cues.

Enzyme Solutions: 

Dogs tend to toilet where they can smell they have been before or the vicinity they have been before. Their sense of smell is so amazing that often with basic carpet/ floor cleaners they can still smell their odor even if you think the area is clean. Therefore a good enzyme solution that breaks down the scent molecules can be a godsend when toilet training your dog! 

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