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Toy Enrichment

Matching Goldens

Foraging Type

My go to for all dogs to get reconnected to their noses! Foraging can help make meal times more enriching and can also help in resolving/ preventing some behaviour issues such as excessive barking, destruction, anxiety, nervousness & boredom.

Lick/ Chew Enrichment

Licking & chewing are pacifying behaviours of dogs of all ages. They release chemicals in their brain when licking and chewing similar to a baby sucking a dummy! Incorporating this into your dog's life can help them unwind, decompress, and relax. Great for settling dogs down in over arousing situations, preventing destruction chewing & enriching their brains. Ensure all chewing items are supervised to assess safety first.

Puzzle Toys

Great for keeping those brains active & enriched whilst helping keep your dog occupied whilst your unavailable. Fantastic for preventing unwanted behaviour issues such as attention seeking, hyper arousal, excessive barking, nervousness/ anxiety & destruction.

Active Play

Great for toy reward motivations for training or just getting more active with your dog & getting them more actively enriched!

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