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Online Learning

Scroll through all the online learning resources below to see which suits you best!

cute labrador dog looking at laptop on w
Cute Puppy

Online Puppy Support Skills

Subscribe to Gemma's online puppy training content! Have access to a private Facebook group to view educational tutorials, documents, regular live topic discussions/ Questions & Answer sessions by Gemma herself, regular uploads along the way, feedback days where Gemma will coach you on your training via video & question submission. Do in your own time at your own pace! Covers the same curriculum as the in-person classes! Great for puppies aged 8wks to 6months! Just £20 per month! Cancel anytime.

Brown Dogs

Refresh The Basics Online

A fantastic online beginner course for your dog to re-cap & refresh on some golden core obedience basics, as well as some fun tricks, to ensure you have the best training start with your dog!

This is a 6wk course with daily exercise content throughout the course! Complete in your own time at your own pace! For Just £40 + VAT

Fantastic for refreshing consistent training for teenage adolescent dogs, those new rescues you have rehomed, or simply to get back into some basic training for your dog if it has been a while!

This course is at a new introductory price & will go up over time. This course is supported by a private Facebook group where you will have access to bonus free material & support to add to your training. You will be sent a link once the notification of payment is received.


Toilet S.O.S

An ebook discussing all the reasons that could be fuelling your dogs' inappropriate toileting, quick tips on how to manage it, and the best products to use to combat it!

A tiny Boston terrier puppy chews a hole

Meeting your dogs needs to prevent behaviour problems

A video tutorial giving you ideas on how to provide enrichment that meets your dogs needs to prevent and manage behaviour issues.


Common Behaviour Problems

inside the home

How to tackle those common in home issues.


Common Behaviour Problems

outside the home

Tackling those common outdoor issues.

young woman hugging her cute small dog a

Pandemic Puppies

Raising a puppy during the Covid era presents some special challenges. Puppies learn what's "normal" when they're young and these times are anything but normal. Katey's webinar will help you train for resilience, be aware of when to go to the vet for health issues, and common behavior issues.


Predation Substitute Training Webinar: New Ways to Manage Predatory Chasing (Aug 4)

Tired of your dog chasing squirrels?


Family Safety

Communication of safety and comfort, petting tips, child safety, puppy socialiation, puppy biting, play with dogs, tug rules, driving with dogs, possession aggression, and more safety tips for all members of your family.


Empowered Puppy Raising

This courses focuses on life skills versus the standard obedience-oriented approach. It can be taken as a stand-alone course or better, in conjunction with a well-run local puppy socialization and training course or private lessons from a trainer.

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