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Positive Companionships"

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Get safe, professional expertise & support

with Gemma Stephen BSc Hons CAB

Gemma offers safe & professional services for dog training & behaviour.

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Gemma offers a wide range of services to support you to remedy & resolve these specific areas whilst also helping you to identify & understand the problem fully, to ensure the longevity of the solutions applied.


Gemma is a professionally assessed, qualified & insured Clinical Animal behaviourist (Click About Me). She uses unique modification, management & training methods that do not use fear, force, pain or intimidation! Gemma is very empathetic in working with both the dogs & clients wellbeing needs & is understanding & supportive without judgement.


Gemma provides both group classes or private home-based 1-2-1 dog training & behaviour sessions.  Sessions are based in Grimsby/ Cleethorpes but 1-2-1s also extend on a greater scale as Gemma travels throughout Lincolnshire & surrounding areas (See map here).

Gemma offers virtual consultations & online short courses for those who are unable to leave the home/ have visitors, live further away or live in other countries! 

Check out Gemmas Facebook page here for even more updates & interaction.

Watch the video below to meet Gemma & hear about her fantastic services for you and your dog!

A Healthy Companionship is just a click away!

Gemma specialises in:

Remedying, Diagnosing & Supporting Your Dogs Behaviour Changes.

Establishing Safe, Reward based & Scientifically proven training methods & behaviour expertise.

Education on Your Dogs Healthy Lifestyle, Enrichment & Routines.

Setting Realistic, Easy & Achievable Goals

Personalized Individual Behaviour & Training Plans & Vet Refferal.

"Love is not ownership, it is partnership & working together makes it a success!"


“The best dog trainer in the area, in my opinion. Gemma has a thorough & extensive knowledge of dog behaviour and explains everything in a clear& easy to understand way.

Her training methods are reward based & helped me build a much stronger bond with my dog. I recommend Gemma to everybody!”

- Karen Young

“Gemma is a genius. She is kind, compassionate & offers sound advice & support to anyone who needs guidance with even the most extreme of problem pooches. I highly recommend Gemma to anyone thinking they may give up on a dog, Gemma will give you a lifeline!"

- Lyndsey Downes

“Gemma was friendly both to myself & my puppy & put us both at ease every week. The lessons were very informative into understanding the mind of a puppy & helped me to understand my puppies behaviour & actions a lot more. The training side of things was excellent & Gemma patiently gave advice and instructions to help my puppy learn new skills and positive behaviours. Would highly recommend these classes.

-Louise Hydes