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Don’t Stop Your Dog From Smelling!  

If your dog loves to smell  Then our “Fun Scent Games” class  is for you!  

Your dog has an amazing natural gift.  The gift of smell.  In fact, a dog primarily experiences the world through its sense of smell that is thousands of times more powerful than ours.  And there is nothing more fun for your dog than a day spent tracking new smells.

A great physical and mental workout. Our “Fun Scent Games” lets your dog exercise its natural sense of smell in a fun and exciting way.  Your dog will have a ball, become more confident and burn lots of mental and physical energy.  Great for its mind and body! Our Canine Fun Scent Games is a six week class that meets for one hour each week and is limited to 6 dogs—so don’t delay, call today.  

Let’s Get Sniffing!

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