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“Love is Partnership & Working

together makes its success”

£60  Duration 1.5hrs in your own home.

This is a service for those whom have just welcomed their new puppy into their homes so are at the stage of limbo before the puppy has received its vaccinations and cannot go outside yet and cannot yet attend classes.

In this session Gemma helps answer any questions you my have about puppyhood, what to expect & how to begin basic training ASAP in these early days before you start training classes or going on walks. This is session is great for those whom have never had a dog before, who have brought a pup into their home with children & who have brought a pup into a home with multiple or older dogs.

Gemma covers the basics to start the puppy off early and help reassure you that you are on the right track & if your not on the right track show you better ways to tackle it and reasons why.  Gemma has found this session really helpful to also guide owners what websites they should and should not be looking at to ensure up to date training research & avoid conflicting information which can hinder your relationship & training.

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