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“Love is Partnership & Working

together makes its success”

After over 11yrs lifelong devotion & ambition of working with animals, Gemma has taken her experiences to help support both animals & people as a whole, creating balance throughout their entire existence, within their lifestyles & home life.

Gemma began her journey from a young intuitive animal lover & her intuition with animals led her to complete studies in Animal Behaviour Training, Welfare & Husbandry within college & University. This led her on a path of working in various zoos from the age of 16 working with everything from exotics, rhinos, primates, big cats, wolves & more. This also includes the amazing experience of working for a year in 2006/7 at the late Steve Irwins ‘Australia Zoo’ Queensland. Gemma began her career helping family & friends with problem dog behaviour concerns, her skills & understanding of dog behaviour, how dogs learn, positive/ force-free techniques & professional empathetic client support & guidance then led to her being recommended and recognised by Veterinary Centres locally and around Lincolnshire.

However it was from the influence of working at Steve Irwin’s zoo, Australia, Gemma was taught that to help an animal completely we need to get to know their life through their eyes, from their brains & grow in understanding of them to be able to connect to the animal on another level holistically as a whole, treating root causes and to understand how your own reactions, energies & stresses can have a ripple effect throughout everything around you and therefore must understand yourself & others, aswell as the animal when working with it.

This influence led Gemma to look deeper into behaviour & issues not just in animals but within herself and humans around her and she began her ongoing holistic & scientific discovery, always perfecting her behavioural knowledge, people skills & has even dipped into studying & practicing holistic health therapies. Gemma discovered from her mentors & teachers that problems needed addressing not just as symptoms but needed to be understood deeply.  From this it is important to discover the true root causes to aid both animals & humans to help themselves move on completely to better lives & companionships as wholes. This has led Gemma down a continuing educated path to where she is today, she has had the pleasure of learning & being taught via the best positive, humane, dog trainers & behaviourists in the world such as Dr Ian Dunbar, Dr Susan Friedman, Victoria Stilwell, Suzanne Clothier, Brenda Aloff to name only a few. Gemma helps both animals & people connect together and she continues to learn and grow throughout her experiences & education, to offer the best service & support for her clients & their dogs.

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