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1-2-1 dog behaviour consultations are in the privacy of your own home.  

These sessions are appropriate if your dog has a behavioural issue that is situational/ home related that cannot be resolved in a class environment, if your personal confidence & trust with your dog has become diminished, the dogs issues are of severe stress or simply because they offer more privacy for you and your family.

1-2-1 consultations are customised specifically for you & your dogs issues.  

Gemma Commonly Sees the following & more (please always contact to discuss if you are unsure what you need):

What to Expect?

There are a variety of package options available for Gemma’s time & support to help you depending on the severity of your concern & your personal confidence.  Whatever you need to get you through it Gemma is there to provide you with support & guidance to help you through the process.  

Reducing & replacing behaviour issues is a process and there are NO ‘quick fixes’ despite what is perceived in certain TV programmes or out dated literature.  It is a emotional adjustment & stress reduction development, along with removing learnt habits & creating pathways in the brain for new appropriate habits (a habit in theory approximately can take 30-60days to develop).  It  is a process that cannot be rushed as this can exacerbate the issue rather than resolve it. You are also teaching your dog a new skill of coping with the new better behaviour which takes time to convert to depending on the dogs nature & experiences.

Gemma has a great depth of knowledge & expertise in dog behaviour & has learnt & is still learning from some of the best positive dog trainers in the world on how to remedy & remove behaviour issues, how dogs learn, their cognition & their psychology .  Gemma has worked with a immense amount of a variety of behaviour concerns for over 7 years within many various breeds & in singular / multi dog households.

Gemma will educate & coach you into the reasoning behind your dogs behaviour & give you reassurance on why & where the issue has developed from.  She will ask you questions, listen to your experiences & observe your dog.  Gemma will NEVER deliberately put your dog in situations or use flooding techniques where the dog is forced over coping threshold.  Training is safe & for the best intentions of your dogs learning & welfare!

Gemma will educate & support you with a custom made behaviour modification plan that is designed specifically for you & your dogs situation.  The plan will help you to help your dog learn calmer, less stressed ways of coping & problem solving.  You will learn how to TEACH your dog with positive reinforcement, clear communication &  reward based techniques on how to deal with situations appropriately & calmly without tipping over their stress threshold.  Your dog will  learn from the experience positively every time, this is the best way dogs learn.

Gemma promotes force-free methods of training &  does NOT condone & does NOT use techniques such as top dog/ pack leader dominance/ control methods, negative punishment, poking, pinning a dog to the floor or any other punitive techniques which are dangerous, inhumane & exacerbate behaviour problems.

Gemma does NOT condone the use of harsh training equipment such as choke chains, electric collars, prong collars, sprays or any other equipment that can cause discomfort, startling, pain or damage to the dog.

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Before Your Consultation Check list:

Prior to your 1-2-1 Consultation I please ask for you to complete fill in a pre-consultation questionnaire & Veterinary Referral form & post or email them to me preferably before your consultation date (please contact me if this is not possible & I can send you the forms in a different way). Please print & take the veterinary referral form & the accompanying letter into your Vet practice, this signs both yours and your vets consent for me to view medical records and exchange information which may be important to your case.     

Please click on the underlined links below to open the file to either fill in or print::

Behaviour Consultation Questionnaire

Veterinary Referral Form & Vet Letter