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Price- £90 (£9 per class over 10wks)

Adult & adolescent age dogs from 7 months old to any adult age (no dog is ever to old to learn)

The dogs learn focus & self/ impulse-control, reliability proofing their obedience skills, which may have disappeared after 6months or generally non existent & emergency commands, around distraction! They will learn how to respond to their owner more regularly &  condition their learning around others & around distractions to ensure you have appropriate amounts of focus to ensure your dog remains safe. Clients will learn how to motivate their dogs & make the dogs training more fun & solid in any environment.

Classes are booking only & are NOT drop in sessions to ensure progressive learning & monitoring of learning. Classes are limited to a maximum of 5-6 dogs to ensure everybody gets fair support.

 non-refundable deposit of £25 is require at booking to secure your place on the registration list, the remainder of the payment is required before the class start date.

***If you have more than 1 dog that you wish to bring to class this is fine. Places must be booked per dog for the same fee per dog & you must have 2 handlers present in class! ***

e.g. 2Dogs = x2 handlers, x2 payments of £90.  Classes are held per dog slot to cover costing's.


Please note that some behaviour issues are not suitable for a class training environment and are best addressed within a 1:1 consultation environment with myself.

If your dog presents the following: such as aggression, persistent/ continuous barking in unfamiliar environments, problems with other dogs or unknown people (including children) or has an aggressive related bite history, then a class environment is NOT a suitable place to bring and socialise your dog without prior training and protocols already in place via a 1:1 first.  This is because the high stress can prevent and inhibit your dog’s learning and those around it. If you feel this may be a problem please contact Gemma 07872472721 so that we can construct a more specified plan together to help your dog.

Always contact Gemma to see if there are spaces left on a course as class are limited to 5-6 dogs only to avoid disappointment.

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